I Do

24 March 2010

-I Do-

I can't promise to buy you the world
Or steal you the stars from the moon
I can't promise the rest of our lives
Will sing like the usual love tune
But this much I know to be true
I'd regret it the rest of my days
If I never said "I love you"

I do cherish you
I do adore you
I do promise you
That I do love you
Yes, I do I can't promise that I'll understand

But believe me, I'll always try
I can't promise I won't make mistakes,
Or hurt you, or won't make you cry
But this much I'll never deny you
I'll be here with you 'til the end
No matter where tomorrow lies


I promise I'll always be true
I promise there's nothing I won't do
I promise I won't leave your side
I promise I've nothing to hide


mencari lagu ni tapi masih tidak jumpa...